GRC Management

One of the main goals of the GRC Management team is to mature internal systems in businesses. Under these conditions, the restriction of trade with sanctions and the fact that businesses do not even open the data should be handled separately.

On the other hand, the high efficiency of the internal systems of the enterprises, the production of quality goods and services, the prevention of working with risky customers, the selection of consultants with a serious volume and scale in all areas from the correct and complete determination of the cost to the risk management structure is of great importance.

It is a pioneer in the field of GRC Management and serves its clients both academically and in terms of practical experience. GRC Management leader Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı has books and articles in his field of expertise. Pehlivanlı also has 2 ongoing patent applications. Patents are in the areas of risk management and bankruptcy.

360° Customer Performance Management System was developed and put into practice under the Risk Reference brand developed by the GRC Management team. 360° MPYS details are in the link.


  • Sectoral Risk Management (Turkey, Individual Pension System)
  • Designing of Internal Audit System
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Data Mining in the Retail Industry
  • NGO Institutional Capacity Building Project (European Union Project)
  • GRC Software Development
  • Corporate Governance and Company Marriage (E-Commerce, REIT, fast consumption, production, retailing)
  • Cost System Design (Aluminium production, Construction, textile, REIT, refinery, retailing)
  • Developing Sectoral Risk Inventory and Business-Based Index (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Consultancy)
  • Value Management
  • Customer Performance Management System (CPMS) (360° MPYS Software)
  • Individual Pension System Risk Inventory 2021 (Report link)
  • NGO Institutional Capacity Building Project (European Union Project)



Risk Report Series

Reports by Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı;

  • Turkey Risk Report Series 2023
  • Turkey Risk Report Series 2022
  • Turkey Risk Report Series 2021
  • Turkey Risk Report Series 2020
  • Private Pension System Risk Inventory
  • Sectoral Feasibility Reports (Feed Production, Machine Production, Plaster and Construction Chemicals, REIT, Milk Production)

Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı

Davut Pehlivanlı graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration in 2001, and received his doctorate in 2008 with the thesis of “Corporate Risk Management Based Internal Audit and Applications in Turkey”.

  • Modern Internal Audit,
    Fraud Audit Methodology and Reporting,
    Governance Risk and Compliance
    Credit Risk and Management

Pehlivanlı has many articles published in the fields of internal audit, fraud auditing and risk management. Pehlivanlı has also published the 3rd of its traditional Turkish Risk Report series for 2022.

Pehlivanlı supported the Private Pension System Risk Inventory 2021 project carried out by the Pension Monitoring Center and directed the workshops.

Pehlivanlı worked as a founding partner in an independent audit firm in his professional business life and provided internal audit, risk management, ERP, process consultancy, institutionalization and technology consultancy services. After his consultancy experience in the field of auditing, Pehlivanlı worked as the Audit Director in a leading group of companies.

Returning from professional life to academia in 2018, Pehlivanlı pioneered the establishment of the Risk and Audit Research Center at Istanbul University and still works as a Director at the center.

Pehlivanlı, who continues his academic studies without leaving the practice, has developed the 360° Customer Performance Management (Receivables Risk) software with his team under the GRC Management company under the roof of Istanbul University Teknokent and has 1 ongoing R&D project. Pehlivanlı also has 2 patent applications in the field of Risk Management and Fraud (Default Risk).

Supporting Non-Governmental Organizations in accordance with Social Responsibility, Pehlivanlı is involved in both academic and practical projects for the Institutionalization of NGOs. In this context, it carries out the Sectoral Risk Index Development project with the support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Pehlivanlı gained the title of Professor in 2020 and continues his studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Istanbul University.

University - Lectures

Lessons given by Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı;

  • Audit, BA, Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences.
  • Internal Audit and Fraud Audit, BA, Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences.
  • Internal Control, BA, Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences.
  • Internal Audit Theory and Standards, MSc, Istanbul University, Social Sciences, Internal Audit and Risk Management.
  • Fraud Audit and Practices, MSc, Istanbul University, Social Sciences, Internal Audit and Risk Management.
  • Risk Management Practices in Retailing, MSc, Istanbul University, Social Sciences, Retailing and Brand Management.
  • Internal Control and Risk Management, Master, Istanbul University, Social Sciences, Supply Chain.
  • Enterprise Risk Management, Ph.D., Istanbul University, Social Sciences, Business Administration.

University - Seminars - Events

Seminars given by Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı;

  • Risk Management
  • Turkey Risk Report
  • Credit Default Risk

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