Research Reports

Our area of expertise includes country and sector research reports. In addition to country and sector research, target customer analyzes are within our field of study.

The reports to be prepared by our expert team will shed light on the following issues;

  • Investment decisions
  • Industry assessment
  • Target company analyzes
  • Legal compliance risk analyzes


Legal compliance studies and sanctions are the most basic problem area in front of sustainability. Even before commercial business relationships, including long-term investment decisions, legal compliance studies are of great importance for the target customer or supplier.

Especially in the field of precious metals and finance, legal harmonization.


The areas where we made sector research reports in the past;

  • Precious metals, refining, trading
  • Milk and food production, commercial structuring and logistics
  • Feed production and commercial structuring
  • Private Pension System and its structuring
  • E-commerce and logistics
  • Technology, dealer structuring and logistics
  • Machine production
  • Flour production and commercial structuring
  • Saving finance system and structuring

Industry and Target Company Research Reports Archive

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