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Eğitim: Kurumsal Risk Yönetimi ve Uygulamaları

Eğitmen: Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı
Tarih: Tarih: 12, 15, 19, 22, 26 ve 29 Aralık 2022 Saat: 20:00 - 22:00 (12 saat)
Online Eğitim: Zoom Platformu

Kurumsal risk yönetimi sistem tasarımı aşamalarına paralel risk tanımlama, skorlama ve değerleme, anahtar risk göstergelerinin belirlenmesi ve iş zekası raporlama altyapılarının kurgulanması ve farklı sektörlerden uygulamalarla risk yönetimi faaliyetlerinin olgunlaştırılması eğitimin temel hedefidir.

360° Customer Performance Management System

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360° MPYS; Thanks to the algorithm in the software infrastructure, it is to ensure the optimum distribution of the balance-credits given to the customers by the enterprises and thus to transfer the limited resources to the efficient customers and to support the achievement of higher turnover and profitability in the same resource structure. At the same time, it minimizes the risk of bog.

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Riskonnect in Turkey

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A world brand in risk management: Riskonnect

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GRC Management Services; KYC, Compliance, AML, Internal Audit, Risk Management

Sector and Country Research Reports

Our area of expertise includes country and sector research reports. In addition to country and sector research, target customer analyzes are within our field of study. Main areas; Investment decisions, industry assessment, target company analyzes, legal compliance risk analyzes and also compliance.


GRC Management has developed Receivable Risk software as part of its software studies. This software performs Customer Performance Management.

GRC Management


One of the main goals of the GRC Management team is to mature internal systems in businesses. Under these conditions, the restriction of trade with sanctions and the fact that businesses do not even open the data should be handled separately.

Internal control, legal compliance, Gold supply chain regulations and risk management structuring services for Savings Financing companies, Precious Metals Intermediary Institutions and Authorized Institutions, which have been facing intense regulations recently, are among our main fields of activity.

Prof. Dr. Davut Pehlivanlı, with his long years of experience in the gold and refining sector, provides services not only in terms of legal compliance but also in line with the needs of the sector and companies.

Pehlivanlı and his team have reached a serious depth with the country reports, sector reports and company-specific risk reports they have published in recent years, and GRC Management continues its report studies.